2020 Publisher Performance Report

Study of 300 Publishers Shows Significant Growth Using 澳门百老汇手机APP



The data subset was comprised of 300 publishers who used the 澳门百老汇手机APP platform starting in 2019.

We looked at 300 websites that started using 澳门百老汇手机APP at the beginning of 2019 and continued using the platform until January 2020. Sites in the study were different sizes, in separate content verticals, and based in countries all around the world.


Websites using 澳门百老汇手机APP were able to grow at an unprecedented rate once they started using the platform. On average, these sites saw dramatic increases in website traffic, keyword rankings, and monthly revenue. While the 澳门百老汇手机APP platform is not solely responsible for these improvements, 澳门百老汇手机APP’s core features can be credited as a driving force behind these results.

“澳门百老汇手机APP is easy to work with and the results have been amazing. The customer service is top-notch!”

Iva Ursano, Owner and Founder of AmazingMeMovement.com