在收入下降的时候 广告费率不确定, it’s more important than ever for publishers to maximize every possible revenue source. 但你还能做什么呢? Write more content, make more videos, do more work? 

Perhaps. Or you could simply integrate a few of 澳门百老汇手机APP’s top-performing tools into your site with virtually no extra work at all — like using Humix, for instance.

你一定听说过 Humix by now, 澳门百老汇手机APP’s all-in-one video tool; it allows you to earn a profit by sharing your and others’ videos online. 不是视频澳门百老汇手机APP创作者? No problem; you can simply convert your written articles into high-quality videos using 澳门百老汇手机APP’s article-to-video converter tool, Flickify. 

在它推出后的几个月里, publishers using Humix have seen extraordinary gains in revenue and traffic (more on that below). Some publishers have seen skyrocketed growth from Humix; the vast majority see at least respectable revenue increases, leading this tool to become an absolute priority for publishers looking to 增加收入稳定性.

以下是为什么你应该使用Humix(如果你还没有), 以及如何开始为你的网站获得即时流量.


澳门百老汇手机APP最近对百老汇手机端下载的出版商进行了一次民意调查, we discovered that around 60% of publishers who enabled Humix saw at least a baseline increase in revenue. 一些公司的收入增幅高于其他公司, like this publisher who saw a whopping 35% revenue increase in the month after using Humix!

For those of you thinking this person just happened to be a long-time veteran video creator, guess again; this publisher didn’t create or upload a single video of their own! 他们只打开了“参与和赚钱”的设置, Humix的收入100%来自相关产品, Humix上已经有了高质量的视频. Not bad for 只需按一下按钮, huh? 

There are countless more examples of publishers seeing a respectable to significantly increased traffic and revenue through Humix alone. Take Mike D., an 澳门百老汇手机APP publisher that saw nearly a million views from Humix in his first month of using it:


在您的站点上使用Humix有很大的机会. 这是一个非常低付出高回报的组合, where you can literally improve the quality and revenue of your site simply through using a free tool you can turn on instantly.

作为一个数字发行商,总会有起起伏伏, Humix也不是一夜暴富的神奇药丸. But it’s an extremely effective, simple, and lucrative tool that’s just waiting for you to use it.


If you’re interested in using Humix as a way to drive more traffic and revenue to your site, 有几个简单的开始方法,您今天就可以实现.

Humix works in two major ways: by uploading and sharing your own videos (“Share”), 并在您的网站上显示其他人的视频(“显示”). 每个选项都可以让你获得收益.

第一个选择是共享. This means you can upload your videos onto Humix to be shown on other websites, 从视频广告中赚取收入. Humix使用视频澳门百老汇手机APP, SEO, and metadata to determine where to best insert your videos onto other sites.

You don’t need to be a top-level video content creator to do this; you can simply use 澳门百老汇手机APP’s article-to-video converter Flickify to turn your existing written content into videos. Alternatively, you can simply upload any videos you already have (on YouTube, social media, etc.) onto Humix as well and turn content that isn’t currently making revenue into some high-quality, 有利可图的澳门百老汇手机APP.

正如澳门百老汇手机APP的Humix专家奥斯汀·拜伦(Austin Byron)向我解释的那样, “If [publishers] are already using videos but embedding them from YouTube or any other source that invites users to leave 他们的领域和时间 you’re the expert on [your topic], why would you send people elsewhere instead of your own site?” Humix helps make your site — and the Internet — a better, more focused place.

下一个选项是显示. 这允许Humix视频显示在您的网站上, which is a perfect option for publishers who don’t prefer to post their own videos on Humix. Humix will determine which high-quality videos fit best with your site content, 并相应地插入它们.

经过广泛的研究和数据分析, 澳门百老汇手机APP has seen that sites that use Humix have seen increased engagement (about 57% of polled publishers saw an increase in engagement) decreased bounce rate, and overall increased revenue (around 60% of publishers who simply enabled Humix in the last couple months saw an increase in revenue).

Humix不仅给了你更多的盈利机会, it makes your site better by inserting high-quality videos that keep audiences on your site longer and engage more. 共享和显示选项都是非常可行的, lucrative ways for publishers to quickly turn on new and dynamic revenue streams that simply use what you’re already publishing and attract new audiences while making your site look better to your visitors. 

Humix Allows New Sites to Get a Jumpstart on Traffic (and Established Sites to Build Momentum)

当我第一次, first 一开始我是个出版商,没人读我的作品. 我的网站每天有12次浏览量. 当我回想起它时,我感到畏缩, 但这是真的:每次我发表一篇新文章, 我会登陆我的Facebook主页, 发布链接, and 给每个人贴上标签 我想他会喜欢的. 然后,当我一天获得19次而不是12次观看时,我会很兴奋. 

这个…“策略”? Doesn’t work. 如果你想让你的网站增长, 你需要创造出人们想要阅读的优秀澳门百老汇手机APP, 然后让他们很容易找到你. 这两个问题都很难解决.

而你可以用你的余生来学习如何写得更好, 你可以更快地获得更多流量. 新网站可以使用Humix来快速启动流量, giving you crucial data on your site and content to make more informed decisions on what to write about next. For instance, 如果你刚开了一个关于自我提升的网站, 可能需要10年左右,000 views to give you some real insights on whether your audience prefers more content on exercise/nutrition instead of mindset/meditation. 我称之为网站的生命周期:


如果你已经是一个已建立的网站, Humix can help you build more momentum and move faster to become one of your niche’s top authorities. Google will see your increased traffic from Humix and take that into consideration when it comes to assessing your site’s quality and content. 就像百老汇手机端下载之前提到的, 使用Humix的生代油田通常会在整个油田范围内提高参与度, 从可敬到完全不可思议.


Humix isn’t a magic pill that will instantly get your site to the #1 slot in most Google searches for your topics…but it will help immensely. 

回顾我10多年的出版生涯, 没有单一的事件, 没有一篇文章, no one tool that made all my success possible; it was using a variety of tools in tandem over a long time that yielded the best results.

Humix就是为你准备的工具. With the meteoric rise in video content popularity and beneficial impact Humix can have on several key metrics on your site, 使用这个工具很容易. 出版商通常会看到收入的增长, 网站合作, 以及使用Humix后的流量, 如果你愿意,今天就可以开始使用Humix!

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